Are The Mets Setting Their Sights On C.C. Sabathia?

There was interesting article this morning in the Record by Bob Klapisch, who suggests that their may be full-fledged bidding war between the Mets and Yankees for the services of C.C. Sabathia,

He writes,

The Yankees and Mets worlds are about to collide over their competition for CC Sabathia.

The prize? CC Sabathia, who despite getting lit up by the Phillies on Thursday night is still the medicine both teams need to rebuild their respective pitching staffs.

The ammunition? Dollars. Millions. Nothing short of a blank check to the pitcher who led the majors in innings pitched (253) and complete games (10).

Cashman and Minaya figure to empty the tank in their pursuit of the free-agent-to-be. Most baseball people believe Sabathia, a native of Vallejo, Calif., is likely to remain on the West Coast. But there’s nothing like a seven-year, $150 million contract offer to change one’s thinking. The bidding war is indeed headed for nuclear territory – money, after all, it’s all the Yankees and Mets really have to offer.

I myself have never really considered Sabathia as a top priority for the New York Mets. As one of our readers recently commented, “The Mets need to revamp the bullpen and secure a leftfielder with some pop before all else.”
I totally agree with that assesment. Obviously, the Mets will have a gaping hole in the middle of their rotation if they allow Oliver Perez to walk, but the number one concern right now should be geared toward the bullpen and more specifically, finding a closer.
This same bullpen was the sole reason that kept Johan Santana from winning his first National League Cy Young award. This glaring fact will not be lost on some of the top pitchers in this year’s free agent crop.
As I wroter earlier today, the Mets may find themselves in a “K-Rod or Bust” bidding war this offseason.
If Omar and the Wilpons are true to their word… if they were not just blowing smoke up our butts… if like they said money will not be an object in fixing what is wrong with the Mets… then getting K-Rod to sign on the dotted line is more fact than fiction.
As for Sabathia, who wouldn’t want him? I’d love to see him join Santana as the most lethal 1-2 punch in baseball. That being said, I just don’t see that scenario ever being played out. Why engage in a bidding war for another ace, when we already have an ace?
I think it’s important for the Mets to spend some serious cash this offseason. They owe at least that much to the fans. That being said, if you’re going to go on a $50 million dollar shopping spree, before you even look at Sabathia, you have to have a closer, a setup man, and a left fielder in the shopping cart.
If you have any money left over after that, then by all means bid your hearts out on Sabathia, but until then, let’s leave all the Sabathia talk on the backburner for now.
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