Why Doesn’t Anyone Blame David Wright?

I love David Wright as much as the next Mets fan (okay, maybe even more) but he seems to be immune to any blame for the Mets current affairs. I got excited as David finally reached the .300 mark last week and I cried when David entered a 1-for-18 slide that puts his current average at .293.

It’s nice to see that a guy like Brian Schnieder, who isn’t really expected to hit the ball, can go yard twice and get the big hit. It’s nice to see your pitcher (he’s the pitcher) hit a double and then score on a Jose Reyes single. But what about the guy that supposed to hit anyway? What about the guy who supposed to produce runs day in and day out? And this is where I ask: why don’t we blame David?

Okay, so the guy has acheived career marks in HR, but his average, slugging percentage, and on-base percentage are all down from his (should have been) MVP season. Sure, we blame the usual scapegoats Aaron Heilman and Scott Schoeneweis and the clubhouse cancer that is Luis Castillo, but we as Mets fans don’t blame David Wright. Ever.

It’s probably because David has stepped up as a clubhouse leader. It’s probably because David’s the only player that addresses the media, win or lose. And his popularity may play a huge role in it, like not wanting to blame Mike Piazza for a single thing that went wrong…because he’s Mike Piazza.

It’s the end of September and we’re a half a game behind the Phillies and 1.5 games up on the Wild Card. We really need David Wright the player to show up. And I have faith he’ll be back. LGM.

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