The Textbook Definition Of Choke

Choke – [chohk] verb

  1. 2007 New York Mets
  2. 2008 New York Mets


Should the 2008 New York Mets find their way into the playoffs, should they make to the big dance, should they be crowned World Series Champs this year, I will not look back on the 2008 New York Mets as a team I enjoyed watching.  This is not a winning ball club.  I can’t remember the last time I enjoyed watching a game.  It seems as though every night and every game, they look for a way to lose.  It seems as though every night and every game, I’m scratching my head, rubbing my hands with my heart in my throat.


Wednesday night saw opportunity lost.  The Phillies lost.  The Brewers won.  A Mets win would have kept us a game up in the Wild Card and within a half game of the division lead.  The Mets were within one fly ball out or a base hit of making that a reality.  Daniel Murphy led off the top of the ninth with a triple.  David Wright works the count to 3-0, but ends up striking out on what would have been ball four.  Sweet Lou Piniella was turned into a genius by our feeble offense.


Sure, Ayala let up the three runs that did in the Mets, but this was not our typical blown-by-bullpen loss.  This loss is split evenly between the weak start by “Big Game” Ollie and lack of clutch-production from our offense.


This is not a team that I want to see in the playoffs.  They don’t have the stones to get the job done.  It’s shameful that this is how Shea goes out.