Reyes and Righties

Just another September in Flushing, and we’re in the midst of a struggle between the lines. Every night brings minor strokes and heart attacks to the life of every Mets fan. Last night, it was stated that Jose Reyes has not been feeling comfortable at the plate against the left-handed pitchers. That gives a huge explanation as to his September woes because in the fourteen games played in September, the Mets have faced ten left handed starters.

Starting tonight (providing that the Nationals and Braves stick with their regular rotation of starters), that will change. Over the next four days, the Mets will be facing three righties, the only leftie being Mike Hampton tomorrow night in Atlanta.

It’s been said countless times how much of a spark Jose Reyes is to this lineup. Last night, Reyes went 2-4 with a home run, a walk and a stolen base. Not only are his runs important, but the energy he exudes when he has a night like that. It’s infectious. The Mets will certainly need a fiery Reyes at the plate and on the basepaths if they want to keep their October hopes alive.