Mets Fans Don’t Want a Wild Card Clinch

That’s right.  No wild card for us. We want the division While it normally wouldn’t matter how we got it in, this year we have something to prove.  After the disappointing finish to the 2007 season, the Mets and their fans should not stand to hand it to the Phillies again.  However, I do begin to worry when I think that even if we do make it to the playoffs, how long can we go with the dreadful bullpen we have?  Mets fans all over the state were most likely praying for Santana to have a low pitch count last night and hopefully pitch a complete game.  That didn’t happen, but thank goodness, neither did a blown save.   

Santana threw 125 pitches, and pitched his most important quality start of the season.  He ran the hell out of the bases, which demonstrates the true athlete that he is.  David Wright’s bases-loaded double brought the Mets even, and Jose Reyes’s bases-loaded triple gave the Mets the lead, not to mention that it put Reyes in the record books as only the second Met ever to hit the 200 hits mark in a season.  Congrats Jose!  Nice to see the offense cashing in on those bases-loaded RBI opportunities. 

While scoreboard watching can be fun and stir up some excitement for the city, this Mets team should only be concerned with what they are doing.  If they win, they’re in, because Milwaukee won’t catch them. And if Philly loses, well then we’ll take the division too.