And Here They Come Down The Stretch

It all comes down to this. Going into today’s game, we have seven games remaining. That’s more than enough time to overtake the Phillies for first place and avoid playing the Cubs in the first round of the playoffs. However, here is some food for thought, if after the last regular season game is played and the Mets and Phils are in a dead draw, and both teams still hold a lead over Milwaukee, the Mets will win the division by default because they hold the head to head matchup and Philadelphia will win the Wild Card and head to Chicago.
Not that I fear the Mets playing the Cubs in the playoffs, I just think if this team is going to make a run they need to get some confidence against either the Dodgers or Diamondbacks in the first round. Historically, New York has faired well against both, and playing them could hopefully re-energize this club going into the NLCS.
It may be too early to talk like this seeing as how they have to actually first make the playoffs, but I have confidence in this team and believe they can get there. So sit back and enjoy the ride in the next seven days…. This is gonna be a LONG week!