What A View From the Top!

After doing what was expected necessary, our New York Metropolitans find themselves sitting atop the NL East. Clutch hitting, a stellar rotation, and a bullpen that saves games (for a change) all played pivotal roles this week. It also helped that Manny was being Manny in L.A. instead of Boston. And I would also like to take the time to thank Nomar Garciaparra for hitting that walk-off home run the other day.

This morning, after seeing that the Dodgers had swept, I honestly thought I would feel more elated. I though I would bouncing off the walls and going through my work day with a big dorky smile on my face. The Mets may be smiling, but I felt content more than anything. I was like, “Okay, the Mets are in first and the Phillies are in second. Okay.”

We have arguably one of the best offensive teams on paper. We have MVP candidates in Wright and Reyes. We have the Brothers Carlos slowly finding the groove of things. We have a Comeback Player of the Year candidate in Fernando Tatis. We have the hottest rookie around in Dan Murphy. Our rotation is even better. Johan Santana and John Maine are each 10-game winners, along with Mike Pelfrey, who has wowed us all season. We have Oliver Perez, who strives in big game situations. And even Pedro Martinez has flirted with the 7th inning under Jerry Manuel, who may or may not be a Manager of the Year candidate. It’s your call.

Despite issues in the bullpen, the Mets are finding ways to win the game. Okay, it was the Nationals, and everybody’s supposed to be able to beat them, but for our New York Metropolitans, it gave them a boost of confidence that was imperative . They can now go forward and win ballgames, both significant and not.

I can only think of one reason why I didn’t even take a second glance of the standings, which saw the Mets atop the NL East by a whole game.

They’re supposed to be there.

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