Reeling In Reyes

Two times last night, Jose Reyes was doubled-up off of first base after a flyball was caught in the outfield. Fortunately for Jose and the Mets, Ryan Howard was unable to handle the first ball (or his glove for that matter), and Jose returned safely to first base. This first inning blunder could have cost the Mets their first run.

Is this just an example of Jose trying to do too much or is this just a case of Jose getting ahead of himself and not thinking clearly? Jose started the year with a rash of errors and poor defensive decisions.  He was able to right himself and show once again that he is a defensive force out there.

Jose Reyes is currently leading the team in batting average (.306), hits (174), runs scored (95),  triples (by far at 16), total bases (278), and, needless to say, stolen bases (43).  Everyone agrees that Jose is an offensive force, with a lot of intangibles that aren’t typically tracked in statistics (how many times do pitchers throw over to first or second when Jose is on-base? I believe these throw-overs should be looked at in the same numbers as pitch count in terms of the physical drain on pitchers). Jose should be considered in the mix of an MVP candidate as much as Carlos Delgado.

Right now, however, we can’t have him making stupid decisions on the basepaths.  As much of a force as he is out there, it is only just enough to keep the Mets on the winning side of things. It may be time for Sandy Alomar or Luis Aguayo to have a brief sitdown with Jose to talk about decision-making on the basepaths.

That being said, at least he’s not out there stealing third with a power-bat at the plate like some other selfish speedsters out there.