Random Thoughts On A Sunday Afternoon

With every game that passes, a Met fan’s life expectancy drops three years during this divisional race.
Why did the Little League World Series championship team from Hawaii look like nine Shane Victorino’s running around out there last week? Seriously, one is enough!
Since when does, A.) a bunion sideline you for an entire season, and B.) surgery on said bunion threaten to end your career? Hey El Duque, come on bro, it’s a BIG TOE.
Why is it that every time I watch the bullpen blow a game in the 9th inning, I feel like I’m Bill Murray from Groundhog Day?
Aaron Heilman, you have proven you can’t be a starter, and you also have proven that you can’t be a closer. What CAN you do?
It’s common knowledge that when you add 5+7, it always equals AMAZIN. 
How many Reyes’s does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie Roll Pop?
Exactly what IS Philly Phanatic?
This isn’t a question, but more of a statement. Thank you Moises Alou for getting hurt for the millionth time earlier this year. Where would we be without Fernando Tatis and Daniel Murphy playing for considerably less money than what you have made while on the DL all season.
Remember when the Atlanta Braves were actually relevant? Ha ha, those were the days!
With all the firings and changes of personnel the Mets have had this year, how come the guy in charge of keeping people healthy still has a job?
Whats another word for the Mets Bullpen that starts with the word BULL? I’ll let you answer that question.
On a more serious note, I will be attending the Mets/Phillies game next Saturday if anyone is interested and wants to meet before the game to talk baseball. I hope to meet some of our readers here at Metsmerized and look forward to hearing your opinions.