Mike Pelfrey’s Time Is Now

Mike Pelfrey is obviously the present and the future of this Mets rotation. With Ollie and Pedro facing free agency, and with John Maine’s shutdown, our Opening Day 2009 rotation is very much up in the air. Barring any major free agent signing (i.e. CC Sabathia), Mike Pelfrey is on pace to become our #2 guy behind Johan Santana. And yes, we are talking about the same Mike Pelfrey that barely made the rotation at the beginning of the season.

Pelfrey has stepped up to the plate in a way that nobody expected. Sure, Johan Santana may be the ace, but when I go to a Mets game, I’m hoping Pelfrey is the starting pitcher. Mike Pelfrey’s story continues to be a feel good story of how endurance and hard work gets you where you want to be. This weekend, Mike Pelfrey will continue his amazing journey in Miami. Pelfrey is currently 0-3 with a 10.66 ERA against the Marlins this season. In two of his outings against the Fish, he didn’t make it out of the fourth inning.

The time for Mike Pelfrey to show us what kind of pitcher he is is right now. We know that Johan is…well, Johan, we know that Ollie pitches in the clutch. We’ve seen Pelfrey pitch 9 quality innings and we’ve seen him pitch 6 beautiful innings. What I want to see him do is beat the Marlins and overcome whatever it is that keeps him from beating them. His time is now, and he has legions of fans that believe in him.

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