Hot or Not: 1st Place Edition!

Happy Saturday Mets fans and welcome to another installment of Hot or Not. This week, we watched our boys climb back into sole possession of first place by completing a sweep of the Washington Nationals. We saw Mike Pelfrey dominate the Washington Nationals. I am so proud of our Mets, therefore, none of them will be featured in my “Not” section. This week, I’ve done something a little different and I hope you’ll enjoy it!

Hot As Fire
Dan Murphy-I remember watching this guy in Spring Training, when he didn’t even have a number. But everybody at Tradition Field that day was already in awe of his defensive and offensive skills. Dan Murphy continues to amaze us; he’s hitting a .421 overall with 2 home runs and 8 RBI in his first 13 games with the Mets. He may have been born on April 1, but Dan Murphy is no April Fool.

David Wright-D-Wrighteous is hitting a .386 in his last 10 games, bringing his overall average to .295. Wright ranks 3rd in the NL with 95 RBI, which is also good for 4th in the Majors. If Wright continues at this pace, he may find himself in the MVP discussion. He has the same average that Jimmy Rollins had when he robbed David last year, so I’m wondering if that’s good enough for the voters.

Manny being Manny-Thanks to Manny and the Dodgers, the Phillies are in second place. And while we were worried about Manny possibly coming to the division, Manny being Manny has actually helped us. So thank you Manny Ramirez, Nomar Garciaparra, and all of the Dodgers that made this possible!

Not at All
Jimmy Rollins-You don’t call your fans front-runners and expect to get away with it. Especially if you’re hitting a .255 in the last 30 days and a paltry .234 on the road. And for those who were wondering, Rollins is hitting a .269 overall. His teammate Chase Utley, who was heavily favored in the MVP discussion at the beginning of the season, isn’t doing so hot himself either. He’s hitting a .226 in the month of August, including a .205 in his last 10 games. Ryan Howard is also slumping, hitting a .158 in his last 10 games.

Florida Marlins-I almost want to give them the benefit of the doubt here because they’re playing teams like the Cardinals and the Cubs. The Marlins were right there in the division race all season, and now they’re fading fast. They could have won that game last night, but the bullpen blew it (at least it’s not us).

New York Yankees-Our crosstown rivals are also fading fast. Thanks to Mariano Rivera’s 11th career wild pitch, the Yankees lost to the Royals. October without the men in pinstripes looks to become a very strong possibility. Optioning Melky Cabrera to AAA and cutting Richie Sexson may be moves that came too little too late.

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