Carlos Beltran 5, Marlins 4

Last night, the New York Mets were down to their last strike. Luis Castillo got on base, followed by David Wright and Carlos Delgado. Enter Carlos Beltran. The first pitch he sees off Kevin Gregg ends up in the right-center field stands, in the section of Dolphin Stadium aptly known as the “Fish Tank.” And with that swing of the bat, Carlos Beltran single-handedly beat the Marlins.

Welcome to another installment of “Hot or Not.” As you can probably tell, Carlos Beltran made it back onto my Christmas card list. As did Aaron Heilman; who knew he could pitch three scoreless innings, even though his effort turned out be fruitless. My favorite player as of late continues to be Mike Pelfrey (sorry David) and I really hope he dominates the Marlins lineup tonight….or at least makes it to the fifth inning.

As for the “Not” section, I could write a plethora of posts concerning the Mets bullpen, but I won’t. I could write about a certain 3rd baseman who has the tendency to choke with runners in scoring position, and I don’t mean A-Rod. But, I am a softy and the Mets have a two game lead in the division over the Phillies, who are currently having their own bullpen issues. Brad Lidge had to crack some time. Gotta love that karma.

As long as the Mets continue to win, and hold on to their division lead, I will be happy. Our very own Redeem Team looks to amaze us more than they already have. Lets go Mets!

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