The Hot and The (Mostly) Not

Welcome to another installment of Hot or Not. If you would have asked me last week, I would have said our most frustrating loss was the 11-0 blowout to Seattle. This morning, I would say yesterday’s loss to the Phillies would go down as our most frustrating. Since Willie Randolph left, we’ve moved up to third place but only due to bigger problems in Atlanta. We’ve flirted with .500 for about a month now but this win one/lose one pattern looks to become the theme of our season. Even if the old adage of "My Entire Team Sucks" comes back to haunt us, I still have to find the highlights, the reasons why we should keep hope, and trust me, it was hard.

Hot As Fire
David Wright: Alrightie then, to a lot of people, I’m probably just another girl trying to figure out how to mention David Wright this week. However, I have numbers on my side. In his last 10 games, he is batting a .441 with 4 HR and 10 RBI, bringing his season average closer to .300. The day off was exactly what he needed and we’re all thanking Jerry for at least that.

Mike Pelfrey: I am so glad the Mets have finally started giving run support to this guy. I was watching the ESPN game recap and whoever was anchoring made the comment, "The Mets are finally getting what they want at Mike Pelfrey." FYI ESPN….the Mets have been getting what they wanted out of Pelfrey all season. The team hasn’t been giving Pelfrey what he wants, but that’s old news.

Not At All
I could take this "Not" part of the column and twist it so many ways. I could blame Luis Castillo and Carlos Delgado because of their age, but that’s not the main problem (and Castillo’s down, so he’s safe from my wrath..for now). I could blame Jerry Manuel for mismanaging the team, but that’s already been emphasized by my colleague Joe D. I thought about our current roster and I thought about this week and all of our troubles have come out of the Mets bullpen. I don’t necessarily have a problem with Heilman (it wasn’t his fault Pedro Feliciano let off a home run) or Wagner (because he did his job this week). The bullpen has given us a myriad of problems this season, so much so that maybe Guy Conti should have went also. When guys like Feliciano and Dauner Sanchez can’t get the outs they’re supposed to, then the Mets can’t win ballgames.

I’m hoping the Mets can shake off yesterday’s loss and play hard today. I’m hoping John Maine can be effective coming off a shaky start in St. Louis. But most of all, I hope Jamie Moyer pitches like he’s 45 years old. We’re still in the race! LETS GO METS!!!!!!!! 

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