The All Star Break Couldn’t Have Come at a Worse Time for Mets

The New York Mets find themselves just a half game behind their rival Philadelphia Phillies.  The Mets, who have won nine straight, as well as their fans, are probably wishing that somehow, some way, this mid-summer classic was an end-of-the-season classic, so as not to break this team’s unbelievable momentum.  Nine in a row is no joke.  They are doing everything right and it is paying off.  Our starting pitching is un-hittable.  And our offense is hitting everything.  And it’s not just hitting, it’s timely hitting – with runners in scoring position and two outs – which this team was not doing at the beginning of the season.   

It’s being fundamentally sound and doing the little things that win ballgames.  It’s the bench players stepping up to the plate (no punt intended) and doing their part when called upon.  It’s superb defense behind the great starting pitching.  And it’s a feeling of confidence, that had been missing for so long, that grows with every single win.

Nine in a row.  I keep saying it because it literally brought tears to my eyes on Saturday, when I knew that the Mets had won and the Phillies had lost, and our Mets could have been in first place at the break.  Unfortunately, Philly won yesterday, keeping us a half game out of first.  Also unfortunate is that Florida is only one game behind us. But in any event, I think every Mets fan on Earth is thrilled at what this team has accomplished, and at the thought of what is to come. 

Let’s go Mets!!