Jose Reyes and Keith Hernandez Almost Come To Blows?

Apparently news is slowly coming out regarding an incident involving SNY’s Keith Hernandez and Jose Reyes. In a New York Post exclusive Bart Hubbuch reports the follwing…

Jose Reyes and Keith Hernandez had to be separated on the Mets charter plane Sunday night after a tense confrontation over Hernandez’s critical comments about the All-Star shortstop.

A team source described the situation aboard the plane as "very heated." One player told The Post that he thought Reyes and the popular former Met – now an analyst for the club’s SNY TV network – were close to exchanging punches until others stepped in.

Reyes said yesterday he was angry at Hernandez after numerous friends and relatives told him Hernandez accused the Mets of "babying" Reyes during the broadcast of Sunday’s 3-1 win over the Yankees at Shea Stadium.

"He got his point [across] and I got mine," Reyes, when asked to describe the confrontation, told The Post before he drove in three runs in the Mets’ 11-1 victory over the Cardinals last night. "I’m not too happy with the way he’s been talking."

*** First of all, I’ve learned a long time ago not to put too much credence into any of the NY Post’s headlines. I question some of the veracity in their columns most of the time. So digest the information in their report with a grain of salt.

*** The other day I posted a blog questioning the maturity level of Jose Reyes. I damn near got my head bashed in by disgruntled readers who said I was overreacting and reaching. I probably deserved it, but as I later explained, I was only trying to say that I sensed a very rebellious Jose Reyes lately. Many fans called it heart when he showed up the manager by refusing to leave the field and then throwing the glove after a throwing error a few days ago. I didn’t necessarily see it that way.

*** That being said, I hope what ever transpired on the plane doesn’t escalate into something that will detract from the business at hand in Philadelphia. It’s a big series that begins today, and that’s where the team’s focus should be.

*** Reyes and Hernandez are quite possibly among two of my favorite all-time Mets. The fact that they came so close to a serious confrontation saddens me. I know that losing can put a lot of stress on players. But the bottom line is that Keith Hernandez has a job to do and it includes criticizing and examining plays and players. That’s what color commentators do.

*** When I read the quotes from Keith Hernandez, it leads me to believe that Bart Hubbuch is being overly dramatic. Keith calls it a conversation and not a confrontation. Who knows what to believe.

"Jose and I are fine. It was not a confrontational conversation, [but] what went on with our conversation is between Jose and I. If he told you, that’s his choice."

Reyes, however, made it clear to The Post that there is still simmering anger on his part toward the opinionated Hernandez.

"I don’t know why in that situation he’s talking like that," Reyes told The Post.

*** Jose Reyes has received the brunt of criticism when the Mets lose. It’s mostly unfair. Knowing what a stand-up guy Keith is, and what a great person Jose is, I know that both of them have already put this past them. And if they haven’t yet, I’m sure they soon will.

*** I can understand why Jose Reyes was angry when his family told him that Keith referred to Reyes as being immature and acting like a baby. The Mets need to advise Reyes that playing in New York and getting criticized is all part of playing in this great sports metropolis. The Mets need to salvage this situation and get the most exciting player in team history to focus on baseball and not on his public perception.

*** Let’s enjoy our nation’s birthday today and remember that one of the principles of our democracy is to make no assumption regarding one’s guilt. Jose Reyes deserves the benefit of the doubt. I love Jose and Keith. They both make being a Mets fan one of my greatest passions and joys.

UPDATE 7:30 AM – WFAN is reporting that both Keith and Jose have admitted to a heated conversation, but that at no time was it close to being physical.

*** One should remember that the NY Post is also the same newspaper that referred to the Willie firing as a World Exclusive!

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