It’s Time For SNY To Do Something About Joe Benigno

SNY is driving me insane with their Anti-Mets coverage. They continue to pick apart the team like vultures devouring the dead carcass of an animal. They fill their air time with amateurs that have no business being in front of a camera or given a microphone.

For months now, I have been lamenting about how the Mets continue to get bashed day after day by the network that it calls home.

As you may recall, many of the hosts on SNY were horrendous in how they portrayed Willie Randolph up until the day they finally helped him get fired. They pounded Randolph with non-stop harsh criticism and over-the-top antagonizing and insulting comments and remarks.

Yesterday, they showed once again why they need to clean up their act and stop airing their negative Mets programming and coverage. What I saw on Monday was a complete and utter disgrace. How SNY allows Joe Benigno to continue spreading his message of hate and ignorance every day on Daily News Live is beyond me. He is a first class idiot who has no business setting foot in their studios. He portrays himself as a Mets fan, and yet he continues to target several key Mets players and helps rally the other hosts around him to bash those players incessantly.

Lately, the new targets on SNY are Carlos Beltran and Johan Santana. You won’t believe what Benigno had to say about Santana yesterday, and remember this was after the Mets had won two straight games.

How long must we endure this type of Mets bashing before SNY does something about it?

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