Hopefully, No Phat Lady This Weekend

Mets fans all over have been holding their breath for the past month or so as we approach this weekend’s four-game series versus our division rivals, the <insert expletive> Phillies.

Since our change in management in mid-June, the Mets have a record of 7-8, a coin flip out of context. With context, though, we see a team revitalized. The Mets show to have resolve and fight in them. Ryan Church has returned to the lineup without missing a step. David Wright has found his stroke. Reyes remains a force to be reckoned with on the basepaths. 

As of this article, they have dropped two of three games to the Cardinals. The Mets played a solid game on Tuesday in their lone win, and came from behind to overcome a four run deficit in Wednesday’s game, a feat unattained prior to that this season.

This weekend’s four-game series against the Phillies could be make-or-break for the Mets. A sweep of the Phils would put the Mets ½ game back (tonight’s win not included). A sweep of the Mets would put us 8 ½ games back, a gruesome place to be. We will likely see something in the middle. I’d like to see the Mets take three. Given the production over the last week, 3 out of 4 is not impossible. Below is the stats of the five main hitters for each team over the last 7 games:

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RBI         HR          SB           R


Chase Utley                        .333       
3              1              1              9

Ryan Howard                     .250        6             
2              0              4

Jimmie Rollins                  .269        3             
0              1              7

Pat Burrell                          .300       
3              2              0              4

Shane Victorino               .208        4             
1              1              2

.273        19           6              3              26



Jose Reyes                          .323       
0              0              1              4

Carlos Beltran                   .154       
5              1              0              5

David Wright                     .500       
6              2              0              6

Carlos Delgado                 .320        11          
3              0              5

Ryan Church                       .412       
1              0              0              3

TOTALS                                 .336       
23           6              1              23

From those stats, a lot can be read. The Mets look like the more powerful team coming in over the last week. David Wright has been absolutely on fire in the last week, spreading the ball all over the yard, while Carlos Beltran looks just befuddled at the plate.  While the Mets are obviously hitting more than the Phillies, they are certainly not hitting better. If the Mets were hitting better than the Phillies, they would have scored more, not less runs than the Phillies over the last week.

What is missing from those stats is how inconsistent the team has been. Most of that production came in the first game of the Yankee doubleheader last Friday. The Mets need to show much more consistency at the plate, in the field and on the mound if they are going to overcome the Phillies and make a run of it this year.

Hope everyone out there has a fun but safe holiday weekend. LGM