Do You Believe In Magic?

For the first time in 2 years, the Mets are on a 6 game winning streak. They are a game and a half out of first. David Wright, after being shafted by the players, is going to the All Star game. And most importantly, Jerry Manuel is a gangsta.

Okay, so it’s a 6 game winning streak, but it could be the start of something magical. The stars have collided and Beltran, Delgado, and Reyes have all decided to show up. Coupled with solid pitching getting the job done, the Mets may finally be living up to expectations. We’re 14-9 since Jerry Manuel became the manager and 7-1 since we put Luis Castillo on the DL (but nobody mention anything to Omar and Luis). We’re also 11-4 on Wednesdays, but that’s beside the point.

Casey Stengel once said, "Most games are lost, not won." Tug McGraw countered that with his famous sloagan, "Ya gotta believe." The Mets that everybody counted out a week ago are back in the division race. The Mets that were flirting with .500 for the last two months are now over the hump. The Mets that "sucked" last week are now the real deal. At the beginning of spring training, Carlos Beltran declared that the Mets were the team to beat. For the first time all season, I believe him.

Even if this win streak ends tonight, it will be the start of an Amazin’ run as my New York Metropolitans make a run for the pennant in their final season at Shea. The Mets that were tired and broken down last month have a new life to them, and Jerry Manuel is the one to thank for that. Even if the Mets fall short, the season still would have been a success to me; looking at where we could have ended up, the run they’re certainly on now is nothing short but Amazin’. 

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