With 100 Games Left, The Urgency To Win Has Never Been Greater

This morning, John Delcos from the Journal News raised a few questions. Questions that are already on the minds of Mets fans. Questions that only the Mets can really answer.

When does it stop being early?

When does the disclaimer there’s a lot of season left begin to lose its credibility?

I don’t even pretend to know the answers, but I do know the urgency to start winning has never been greater for the Mets. Going into today, the Mets have hit the century mark in games left to play. With only 100 contests left, each loss brings the Mets closer to the brink of elimination.

Every single loss from this point forward is one that the Mets can no longer pass off or minimize with a few sound bytes that we’ve been repeatedly hearing for months now. The words have lost their meaning to us. From now on, only wins matter, and the Mets have yet to show they can reel off more than five in a row.

During the last five times that the Mets have made the post season, they needed no less than 94 wins to get in. (1986 – 108, 1988 – 100, 1999 – 97, 2000 – 94, 2006 – 97)

With only 30 wins so far this season, it would mean that the Mets must win at least 64 of their last 100 games. Of course, if the Phillies continue to win at their current rate, it will take even more wins to catch them. So I pose a new question…

Do you believe the Mets can win 70 of their last 100 games?

Or more importantly, do the Mets believe they can win another 70 games and avoid another tragic end to the season?

If the Mets are serious about winning the division, they can start by putting on their game faces and making a strong statement against the D-Backs starting tonight.

We have seen the Mets pull off a late run in past seasons. So, it’s not beyond the realm of possibility where this particular team is concerned. In fact, more often than not, late runs is what got the Mets into the post season. 2006 and 1986 were simply anomalies.

Let’s not give up just yet. I will say it one more time even though it may ring hollow with many of you. There’s still plenty of season left. It’s still early. There’s still plenty of time.

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