When Will the Mets Come Through for the Big Pelf?

Thanks to a walk-off hit by pitch charged to Scott Schoeneweis, the Mets fell to the Padres 2-1. The game’s starter, Mike Pelfrey had pitched six solid innings of baseball, only allowing one run. Was it the best start of Pelfrey’s career? No. Did he keep his team in the game? Yes. Did he get the job done? In my opinion, yes.

Pelfrey’s 2-6 record does not represent the kind of pitcher he is at all. His 4.65 ERA shows the improvement he has made in the minors, and even that doesn’t reflect the kind of pitcher he is. On May 15, the Big Pelf showed what kind of pitcher he was.  On May 31, the Big Pelf showed what kind of pitcher he was. And last night, he once again displayed to Mets fans aplenty that he can get the job done.

However, Pelfrey wasn’t awarded with the victory in those three starts. On May 15, he had a no-no going into the 7th and ended up with the loss. On May 31, Pelfrey left the game after 7 innings and 2 earned runs. He got the no decision. Last night, Pelfrey left the game in a 1-1 tie only to be let down by the veteran Schoeneweis.

And while the Mets have been on a winning tear as of late, the only person not benefiting from the fruit of their labor is Pelfrey himself. Too many times this season, I’ve seen our offense score 1 or 2 runs, if any, when Pelfrey pitches. I’m beginning to wonder if the Mets will give this guy any support. He got 17 runs of support in his MLB debut, but I don’t need 17 runs, I just need enough to win the game.

Pelfrey was spared demotion when Pedro Martinez returned to the rotation, thanks to a Carlos Muniz slip-up in that 10-2 loss to the Giants. I really feel that he has done enough to keep his spot in the rotation, even if his numbers don’t speak for him. It’s time for the offense to step up as if he were Johan Santana. 

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