Mets Just Keep Wasting Time

Better late than never.  And I know it’s not the smartest move to post during a game, but I have to.  All day I had writer’s block – What to write about?  What to talk about?  Well now there’s plenty.

What in hell was Willie thinking pulling Pelfrey when he did?  Is one lousy little base hit really enough to be considered "in trouble"?  Maybe it was the same scenario as with Vargas a few weeks back – ‘if you give up anything, I’m taking you out, regardless of how well you’ve pitched tonight.’  Is it just me, or was this Pelf’s game to win or lose?  Didn’t he deserve the opportunity to work his way out of what Willie deemed to be a"jam"?

Maybe Billy Wagner should think about a career change. How about grounds crew member? I hear he is good at putting tarps on the field during a rain delay! 

Maybe Moises Alou should just do the right thing – for himself and the Mets – and retire already.  Nothing against him as a person or a player.  But this is just unbelievable.

Despite the fact that if the Mets fall to the D-Backs tonight, it will be their sixth straight loss, it’s the same old routine, causing the same old blog to be generated.  "Something has to be done here," … "The Mets are in trouble," … yadda yadda yadda.  My mind gets tired of thinking about it, my fingers get tired of typing it and my laptop gets tired of uploaing it to a weblog.  I wish I had been a part of this website in 2006, when this team actually gave you good things to write about.  Sure, every good reporter enjoys a little controversey from time to time.  After all, scandals sell.  But when it comes to something you have a personal, emotional involvement with, enough is enough.

With less than 100 games left, the Mets have to take every remaining series from their opponents just to keep their heads above water. To put it nicely, I don’t see it happening.  Even with a prolonged winning streak, they’re bound to lose a stretch and break even.  The key is consistency, and up until this point, the only thing they have been consistent with is driving us crazy.