Hot as Fire or Not at All?

Welcome to another installment of Hot or Not. This week was an interseting one in Mets Nation. After losing 2 out of three to the MLB worst Mariners, the Mets really picked up their game against the Yankees. Despite the 9-0 loss in the second game, the Mets offense did manage to get on base. I only hope for continued success throughout the season.

Hot As Fire
Carlos Delgado: It’s still too early to tell whether he’s back for sure or if he just got lucky. All I have to say is he had 10 RBI in the entire month of June; he nearly doubled that in one game. Hopefully, the Carlos that we saw yesterday afternoon is here to stay.

Aaron Heilman: The man hasn’t allowed an earned run in 13 innings. Some Mets fans still believe he has to go. I think the Heilman from 2006 (before The Home Run) is coming back. Everybody’s entitled to a bad start but now Heilman is seeing that he has to step up his game.

David Wright: After sitting out of Tuesday’s game, my boy is on a tear. If rest was all he needed, maybe Jerry might continue to do this with all of his regular players.

Not At All
Pedro Martinez: I understand the guy is getting old. I understand he’s a great veteran pitcher. But his last two starts have been shaky, at best. Hopefully, age won’t get the best of him until the end of the season.

Oliver Perez: We were supposed to beat the Mariners. Because of this guy, we lost in the worst shutout at Shea since 1999. I’m tired of trying to guess which Ollie we’re going to get. I’m cringing at the thought of tomorrow’s game.

What do you think Mets fans? Was I on the money or was I wrong? Was there anybody I excluded on either side? Hopefully thing continue to look up for us as we move forward. Ya gotta believe! 

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