Hot as Fire or Not at All?

Welcome Mets fans to another installment of Hot of Not. Not a lot of highlights this week. There have been some, such as Carlos Beltran’s walk off home run but most of the focus this week has been on Willie Randolph’s job and which coaches may go with him. Lets get started:

Hot As Fire
My hot as fire picks this week are both pitchers. And I feel both of them got shafted this week. Mike Pelfrey and Johan Santana both held their own this week, especially Pelfrey, who outdueled arguably the best pitcher in the National League. Pelfrey is starting to show consistency and endurance; I really hope the Mets continue to use him as their #3-4 starter in the future. And Johan was Johan. He goes out there, strikes out 10, he could have been a 10 game winner by now. Both of them went out of their respectable games on pace to get the win. Lets just say the bullpen blew it.

Most Improved
This is new segment to the Hot or Not list, given to the player who has done good as of late, but I would still like to see them perfrom like this on a regular basis before I relegate them to Hot. This week, my most improved Met is Carlos Delgado, who is batting a .333 in his last 10 games. He spiked his 2008 average by more than 20 points this week and I really hope that he continues to hit for average (I’m taking small steps here….average, then power). Oliver Perez also deserves recognition for yesterday’s performance…..and opening up the game so that we didn’t have to use the bullpen.

Not At All
Billy Wagner: He blew his last 3 saves. In a row. No kidding. He said it himself-he sucks right now. Maybe now that he blew his 5 saves for the year, he’ll go back to being lights out. Lets hope.

David Wright: Okay, I like that he has this Iron Man status by playing every inning of every game but while Carlos Delgado’s performance improved, David Wright’s depleted. If the All Star game were tomorrow, I hate to say it, but I would want Larry Jones to be the third baseman. And kudos to David for wanting to stay in the lineup until things turn around; it’s a sign of leadership and I’m rooting for him to turn it around.

Hopefully our Amazin’s can turn things around. I’m remaining optimistic! Lets go Mets!

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