Who’s Hot? Who’s Not? And Who’s Close?

Hey Mets fans, this is a new feature I will be doing every Saturday highlighting the best (and worst) of the week. Anybody (or any aspect) of the Mets can be hot (or not).

Who’s Hot

Ryan Church:
So far, he has been the Mets MVP. Voting has started for the All-Star game and if anybody deserves a spot right now, it’s him. Currently batting a .324, Church leads the Mets offensively (but I didn’t really need to say that, right?). He should definitely stay in the #2 hole.

Johan Santana:
Johan performs consistently every start. Okay, so he didn’t get out of the sixth last time and he didn’t get the decision because the game went into extras, but we haven’t seen Johan at his worst yet and until then, I still think he does a great job whenever he pitches.

Close But Not Really

Jose Reyes:
Jose is getting his stride back. After seeing last night’s performance and after being told to be his old self, Jose is well on his way to becoming the Most Exciting Player in Baseball once again. The trip to the West Coast should be of benefit to the whole team.

David Wright:
He too, is putting himself together again, after a 0-19 slump, the longest in his career. Once in sync, Reyes, Church, and Wright will make a nasty 1-2-3 leadoff for any pitcher.

Who’s Not

Aaron Heilman and Jorge Sosa:
Okay, so Heilman had those two perfect innings, but his ERA still stands at a 5.51. Heilman, I believe, will pick himself up and go back to being effective as his last outing shows. Jorge Sosa, on the other hand, may need a trip to the minors. He has a 7.02 ERA with 13 earned runs in 16.2 innings. When Matt Wise gets activated, it better be this guy going down.

Oliver Perez: Okay, so his last start wasn’t completely his fault, but you just don’t say "Everybody can have a bad day." Right now, we’re seeing the Ollie pre-2006 playoffs. We’re seeing the Ollie that came to us from Pittsburgh when we need the Ollie from last year, if he’s even still there. Good luck trying to find someone that will take him, Scott Boras.

Mets defense:
This is why I don’t totally put the blame on Oliver Perez. Nine of the 13 runs scored against Pittsburgh were unearned. The Mets had committed 3 errors during that game. David Wright, already, has six errors on the year. Maybe they need to do more fielding practice or something, because defense is important also.

Well Mets fans, the trip to the West Coast looks like it will benefit the Mets. It also helps that they’re 14-1 at Chase Field. Lets go Mets!

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