Wasted Away Again In Margaritaville

Ahh the smell of green grass, beautiful palm trees, tropical drinks and sushi… that is what baseball is all about. At least it is in Los Angeles. (freaking wierdos!)

Our New York Mets are in a virtual paradise, far away from the hostile crowds and boo birds they must deal with at home games. Ahh… this is the life. Rest and relaxation…

Rest and relaxation my ass! Get on that damn field and start swinging that lumber and do what your getting paid to do. Pick up that damn baseball and start throwing strikes for Pete’s sake. I don’t want to hear about how rested and relaxed you are anymore.

The fact is this team does not play better in visiting ballparks (7-10), and they have a 9-5 record at home. Road warriors my butt. After another miserable loss at the hands of the Dodgers, the Mets are now on the verge of getting swept unless they can pull out a win this afternoon.

All these losses seem to follow the same exact script… you know what I’m talking about… last night’s loss only differed because it didn’t feature any at-bats from Carlos Beltran taking a called strike three. The climax to these losses is always the same… wasted opportunities. bases loaded and no outs and not scoring any runs. We can’t buy a hit with runners in scoring position and we are stranding runners at an alarming rate.

Now, the fully relaxed Mets will hop on a plane back home to Shea right after the game. They get to face the Reds and the Nationals… which Mets team will show up? The stressed out, zombified, dead from the neck up team, or the relaxed and cozy, pass me another Corona team?

Obviously I’m as frustrated at this team as the next fan. I expect more from them than I should. I’m definitely too emotionally attached to them, so when they lose it hurts. I know you can’t win them all, but I hate losing games we had no business losing. I hate when a sure-fire win disintegrates before my very eyes. We’ve had too many games like that so far this season…

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