Walk Off Win is Just What the Doctor Ordered!

Two years ago, on May 23, 2006, the Mets were playing the rival Phillies. The game was tied 8-8 and went into extras. The Phillies’ Ryan Madsen had entered his 7th inning of relief when one Carlos Beltran stepped up to the plate in the bottom of the 16th inning. That night, Carlos Beltran hit a long home run over the Mets bullpen, sending the Shea Faithful home happy. I had not seen the end of the game, and even went to bed that night thinking the Mets had lost. When I found out they won, I was ecstatic as any Mets fan ever was about their team.

Fast forward to May 28, 2008. The Mets are in a rut. They’re playing like they’re dead. Fans aplenty are calling for Willie Randolph to be fired. Endy Chavez tied the game in the bottom of the 9th with his first solo home run of the season. Here we go again; an extra innings game gives them extra opportunities to win. In the bottom of the 12th, with David Wright on third and Carlos Beltran on first, Fernando Tatis steps up to the plate and……BAM! He hits a walk off double off Justin Miller to beat the Marlins and gain a game in the standings.

Last week during ESPN’s broadcast of the Mets-Braves game, the commentators said the Mets were playing like they were dead. In today’s recaps of the game, the word "energized" was used to describe the Mets. Some fans would even call it Amazin’. I call it a miracle. I said a couple of weeks back that the Mets were still waiting for their turning point in the season, the one win or the one bad call that would do a complete 180 one the season and have the Mets come out better than ever. This is that turning point, Mets fans. Their resurgence is no joke to me. 

Seeing those guys jumping around, smiling, and celebrating their victory is what makes my world go around.
Thank you, Fernando Tatis. Thank you for turning the season around. 

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