The Ring of Fire… Is It There?

The most predominant question in my mind has been if the Mets have the fire within them to succeed. For whatever reason, to me, it seems like the Mets of September have simply just carried over into 2008. They’re not playing with the same zest and enthusiasm that they played with in 2006 and most of 2007.

Obviously, the Mets do have a fire and a passion. If they didn’t, they wouldn’t even be playing baseball right now. It’s not that there’s no fire; I feel it is being stifled and being held within each and every Mets player. I feel like they haven’t reached the tip of the iceberg when it comes to exploring their passion.

Paul Lo Duca had a meltdown last year and the Mets went on a tear. Lou Piniella kicked some dirt on an umpire and the Cubs won the division. Bobby Cox, well, the Braves wouldn’t be the Braves without him going out to defend his team. Even Bobby Valentine exhibited great passion for the game and guided the Mets to the World Series.

When I think of a spark for this team, I find myself having trouble. Willie obviously hasn’t stepped up in that department; he argued more for a hit batsman in Spring Training than he did for Carlos Beltran’s "double" against the Marlins. I also look at David Wright; however, he is too much of a class act. Don’t get me wrong, he shows great passion for the game and the team, but the Mets need someone to have a meltdown.

The Mets totally dominated Brad Penny and the Dodgers on Wednesday. With the upcoming series against Cincinatti, I look for them to regain confidence as a team. However, I’m still waiting for the one meltdown and the one bad call that will turn the Mets season around.

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