‘Ode to the New York Metropolitans

M is for the many games you’ve lost this year – Twenty three to be exact. It’s not even June yet.
is for every time you let us down. Every pop up with the bases loaded. Every runner stranded in scoring position. Every swing and a miss for strike three to end an inning. Every botched throw. Every missed play. Every homerun given up to the opposition. Every racy comment. Every dodged interview. Every single thing.
T is for the talent that you claim you have.
R i
s for Randolph and his lack of managerial skills, among other things.
is for Omar, who just doesn’t get it.
P is for the pity that the rest of the teams and their fans probably have for us.
is for the obvious – this team is in trouble.
L is for loss after loss after loss – need I say more?
I is for I just can’t take it anymore. I don’t understand it. And I don’t like it.
T is for time to make change…please…anything…
A is for this team’s attitude – just like that of it’s manager – it just plain stinks! Start caring. Start trying. Start believing again.
N is for the Nationals who will soon be ahead of us too!
S is for the shame that you should have in the way you carry yourselves – both on and off the field.