Mets Need To Get Subway Serious Now!

The Mets are floundering. They are a team that intimidates nobody. They are laughed at, joked about, pushed around, and chanted at by even the worst teams in the league. How can they possibly believe they can win a division title under these circumstances?


Yesterday, another great pitching performance was squandered and wasted by an offense that is mediocre at best and inept, inadequate and incredibly incompetent at worst. Actually check that… the latter is more indicative of the norm.


Their bats only seem to flail at second rate pitching and the effort and motivation usually exhibited by contenders is sorely lacking. They look more like the team that took the field in 1962 these days, rather than a team who is determined to win a division title.


The more we hope and pray that the Mets can find a way to win, the more they find even more horrific and gut-wrenching ways to lose. Somebody please shoot me.


Some of these players we hold in high esteem are dead from the neck up. Their brains are merely used to fill the empty cavity in their heads. When Reyes took off for third base after a successful sacrifice bunt by Luis Castillo, what was he thinking? You never risk an out at third base when you are the tying run… NEVER! This is not the first time we’ve seen this from Reyes…


Even the manager appears to be brain dead more often than not. Case in point was sending Beltran who was the tying run on third base with only one out. A fly ball by Delgado or a grounder to the right side of the infield and the game is tied. Instead the game ended on a double play.


We have the highest payroll in the National League. We have the best closer in the National League. We have arguably the best 1-2 punch in Santana and Maine, in the league. We have multiple All Stars and Gold Glove winners on the field. All this and still the Mets are suffocating. How can we forget the "collapse" when all the Mets do is continue to collapse in game after game.


What more can I say… I’m too aggravated to be objective right now. I’m too pissed off to say anything remotely positive. I have to muster up the courage and the strength to give some credit to Mike Pelfrey and Claudio Vargas. The two of them came up big and deserved a better fate. They deserved a win each. Willie Randolph was certainly the one to blame for Wednesday’s loss. Jose Reyes may have been the blame for Thursday’s loss.


Who’s ready for some Subway Series baseball?

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