Mets Leave Behind That Foul Stench At Yankee Stadium

Who’s feeling good this morning? There’s nothing better than going to work or school with the glorious feeling that the Mets swept the shortened Subway Series and helped to bury the Yankees further in last place. Despite the drama that unfolded right after the disaster against the Nationals, Mets fans are quick to forget the bad, and quick to embrace the good.

The only negative in an otherwise great weekend however, was that misplayed call by the umps, who denied Carlos Delgado of a homerun and three RBI’s. It was a terrible call and the home plate umpire, Bob Davidson, who made the ruling admitted as much right after the game.

"I f****d up. I’m the one who thought it was a foul ball. No one feels worse about it than I do. I thought it looked like it hit the fan left of the foul line. I could have sworn it hit that fan or something to the left of the line, but looking at the replay, that wasn’t the case."


Crew Chief Mike Reilly who had the best angle and clearest view was the third base umpire who originally called the ball fair, but was overturned after Derek Jeter and Johnny Damon complained and Davidson agreed with them. 

What’s the purpose of being a crew chief if your own ruling doesn’t preside? The way in which Jeter and Damon acted like little bitches  shouldn’t be the reason for reversing the call. They are not being paid to umpire the game, the incompetent umps are. Maybe they were jumping up and down because their thongs were two sizes to small.

It’s not the first time this season that a Carlos has been robbed of a homerun. Last month Beltran was robbed under similar circumstances and later said that "the game needs instant replay".

Just before the season started, the owners voted on just such a measure and an overwhelming 25 of them were in favor of it. However Bud Selig simply acknowledged the measure and quickly passed on it without drawing any further attention to the matter.

I think we need instant replay more than ever, especially for homerun and fair/foul ball calls… close plays at the plate too.

Umpires have become too old, too arrogant, too inconsistent and too confrontational. They are no longer any thing close to their once familiar calling; "the gentleman of the game". They are just union men trying to make as much money as they can. Bad calls and poor performance goes unpunished and not even reprimanded or reviewed except in the rarest of cases. They are mostly old and out of shape. Their game calling continues to deteriorate and the players never quite know what the strike zone is until they are half way through the game.

I’m in no way suggesting that we use instant replay to review balls and strikes, but everything else that takes place on the field – yes, without a doubt.

That foul stench we left behind was not the dead carcass of a once proud Yankee team (hee hee)… it was the deplorable umpiring that took place during the two game set this weekend.

Where do you stand on the matter of instant replay?

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