Mets Fans, This is What it’s All About

One word describes last night – AMAZING!!  What we witnessed last night, my friends, is reminiscent of 2006 – the Team, the Time, the Mets!  They did everything right – from quality pitching, aggressive base running, timely hitting and passionate energy.  Tears filled my eyes as the team greeted Beltran at home plate, as he scored the winning run, and then piled on top of Tatis, who most definitely was last night’s hero.   The super subs showed the rest of the team, as well as the fans, how great it is to win, and to win in New York.  While it may be because they are playing for a job, whatever the reason, it’s working.  Now I’m not one of those superstitious, front-running types of people.  But, for goodness sake, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!  Keep running this lineup out there, until it proves to be a fluke.  It’s no worse than what you were using, and as of right now, it’s better.

I have one piece of advice for Willie and the organization – DUMP DELGADO!!  Did anyone else catch the attitude he gave John Maine as he came in to pinch run for him?  Maine offered up a hand for a high-five and all Delgado did was smirk and run passed him.  My first instincts were confirmed after reading other’s comments about Delgado’s absence in the on-field celebration.  What gives with this guy?  Is it really a coincidence that he sat for two nights and this team played like they never played baseball before?  He has to go. 

Just one final note…Not only was I thrilled with the way the Mets played last night, but I was also delighted to hear Pedro speak after his rehab start.  Not because he is returning soon, although that is great news.  But because of the positive attitude he has about the team and the fact that he feels upset that he hasn’t been here to contribute and make a difference for the team.  What a great example of a leader.