Hot as Fire…or Not at All?

Happy Saturday Mets fans and welcome to another edition of Hot or Not. This week, we’ve watched our Metropolitans resurge against the (formerly) first place Marlins. They took a step backwards last night against the Dodgers, but I believe that they can still turn this thing around!

Hot as Fire
David Wright: Heeeeeeeeee’s baaaaaaack! After last night’s game, he brought up his batting average to .284 and he now leads the team in home runs and RBI. I expect D-Wright to put himself in the MVP race in the coming weeks, even though it is only the last day of May.

Jose Reyes: Heeeeeeeeeee’s baaaaaaaaack, part 2. With that being said, Jose Reyes has also done much better for us in the past month. His batting average rose to .281, he’s getting on base more often, and in my opinion, getting smarter about reading the pitchers. If his number of steals had to go down just so his success rate would be higher, I’d totally be okay with that.

Fernando Tatis: Any guy who hits a walk off double in the 12th inning against a (former) first place team automatically goes on the Hot list.

Cold as Ice
Aaron Heilman: After last night’s performance, I had to put him here. At least Tom Glavine recorded an out on That Day. You may say to me, "But Jessica, he pitched 4 scoreless innings against the Marlins." So what? There’s another guy in our bullpen who we unceremoniously booed on Opening Day with a 1.19 ERA.

Luis Castillo: To me, he’s still the rally killer. Maybe this hip injury is a blessing in disguise. Maybe he needs a couple of days off to re-adjust where his head is at. So, I get it, he’s had double knee surgery and he needs to learn how far he is physically able to go.

These are just a couple of my picks. Was I right on or was I totally wrong? Here’s to hoping for continued success! Lets go Mets!

Update: I am aware of Castillo’s power numbers as of late. But he still seems to be the one to end the big inning or end the inning when we have potential to score (i.e. Reyes on third with two outs, Schneider on second and Reyes on first with one out). As I said when I started writing this column, a player’s productivity is not my only factor in considering my picks. But I’m still glad he started hitting.

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