Hot as Fire or Cold as Ice?

Welcome back to the third installment of Hot or Not, the only list where you want to be in the hot seat. This week, I’ve had to consider many things besides from a player’s performance; otherwise the whole team would be Cold As Ice.

Hot as Fire
Mike Pelfrey: El Duque can take as long as he wants to recover thanks to Pelfrey. Although his record doesn’t reflect it, the Big Pelf has pitched some of the most effective innings of his career. Getting rid of the mouthpiece seems to help.

Carlos Beltran: Big C is coming back! Beltran has become the effective hitter that he needs to be from the last time I posted this list. The trip out west benefited Beltran the most, if I must say so myself.

Billy Wagner & Moises Alou: Both these players stepped up as clubhouse leaders, both on and off the field. Whether they get upset at a called strike 3 or drop the F-bomb to the media, they are lighting the fire that every Mets player needs right now. Maybe Wags goes home and reads Mets Merized blogs. One can only dream….

Room Temperature
Mets Front Office: Common sense prevailed this week after both Nelson Figueroa and Jorge Sosa were designated for assignment. However, there may be another issue that may need to be taken care of very soon.

Cold As Ice
Willie Randolph: Do I really need to explain myself here? Billy Wagner and David Wright have both met with Randolph individually. Hopefully, they had a few choice words for him.

Mets Offense: Again, is it really necessary to explain myself? All we needed was one run to cross the plate Thursday, and we couldn’t even do that.

David Wright: Go ahead….sue me. David is my favorite player and I wouldn’t have put him in this category without good reason. Before today’s game, he was batting a .268  (it’s gone up since as the game progresses). Right now, I feel like he’s doing enough to scoot by without getting noticed as part of a teamwide slump. But then again, he is the only player (save Billy Wanger) to try and give us fans the answers we deserve.

What do you think Mets fans? Who was red hot and who was ice cold? Next week, I’m hoping it’s harder to pick players for Hot as Fire as opposed to Cold as Ice.

We have to keep the faith! 

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