Hey Yankee Fans — How Do You Feel About Philip Hughes Now?

One of the few brighter spots in the Mets rotation this April has been Mike Pelfrey. Okay, so he’s not Johan Santana but he is 2-1 with a 4.43 ERA (and that’s only because of his last start against Atlanta, he let off 5 runs in 5.1 innings for those keeping score at home).

We knew Pelfrey’s time had come but Willie was probably gonna use El Duque had he been healthy. After a dismal start to last year’s season, Pelfrey has continued to work to improve his battery of pitches, his delivery, and his control. Overall, I think Pelfrey has improved immensely from last year and I think Willie should seriously consider putting El Duque in the ‘pen. Pelfrey is 24 and only going to get better. He has been a pleasant surprise to me anyway.

Now I’m going to take you Mets fans on a little trip. Today, we are going to the Bronx to visit Joe Girardi and Brian Cashman at Yankee Stadium. Afterwards, maybe we’ll go bury a Mets jersey in New Yankee Stadium. Girardi and Cashman have put their top pitching prospect Philip Hughes on the 15-day DL because of a fractured rib. Hughes currently holds a 0-4 record with a 9.00 ERA. This is a pitcher who was supposed to fuel the Yankees youth movement. Along with Ian Kennedy and Joba Chamberlain, these pitchers were hailed like Generation K was for the Mets. Instead, Hughes has turned into the 2007 Mike Pelfrey; you could almost count on them to lose. Okay, so Hughes, barring any career-ending injury, will also get better but Mike Pelfrey is definitely making the Yankees look pretty stupid right now.

New York is a big city. However, this city still isn’t big enough for two young pitchers ready to hit their stride. So far, New York is Mike Pelfrey’s city.

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