Does Keeping Willie Only Delay The Inevitable?

If Willie thought he was being unfairly bashed by the media last week, wait until he reads what the local papers have in store for him this morning.

Bob Klapisch of the Record thinks the Wilpons should bite the bullet on the remaining $4 million dollars of Randolph’s contract. He says…

Ever since then, Randolph has been losing touch with his players, many of whom have become indifferent to his scowling nature. Jose Reyes keeps making mental errors in a steady, unforgivable stream. Mike Pelfrey has failed to develop. Oliver Perez, blessed with a loose, quick arm, nevertheless goes on self-destruct every five days because of his inability to think himself out of a crisis.Aaron Heilman practically is a lost cause, on the verge of being demoted to Class AAA. Even Santana has somehow failed to satisfy the preseason assumptions of National League greatness.

The Wilpons have every right to ask for a reasonable return on a $140 million investment. Right now, the Mets are wasting their owners’ money, wasting the time and energy of the fans who are hoping for a turnaround. The Mets are underperforming, but even more damning is their late-inning lethargy. Under Randolph this season, the Mets have yet to win a game when trailing after the sixth inning.

Joel Sherman of the NY Post adds Omar Minaya to the blame game…

Without a positive reversal of play, Randolph will be the sacrificial lamb for a failed culture currently enveloping the Mets. That should be remembered by everyone currently working for the team. Randolph very well might soon lose his job. But plenty of other folks are going to lose their reputations. After all, it wasn’t Randolph alone that blew that 71/2-game lead with 17 to play last year, and it is not the Met manager alone now responsible for such lifeless, brainless performances.

Minaya assembled this group, juiced the payroll to a franchise-record $140 million, and very well might have created a roster with too much age and indifference. More disturbing is that with a thin farm system and an unappetizing free-agent crop, Minaya might be boxed in with this club. If that is so, you must ask if the Wilpon ownership keeps hiring and empowering the wrong people, from Minaya in the executive suite to Art Howe in the dugout.

I wonder if keeping Willie only delayed the inevitable for a few more weeks? How does this benefit the team or the fans I wonder…

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