A Change Is Gonna Come

I’m not going to try and write another blog about the struggles of the Mets. Keeping track of the wins and losses on my pocket schedule is painful enough. Clearly, something is "up" because of oh-too-familiar win one, lose one pattern of this entire month. I’m not going to go on about Mike Pelfrey’s gem of a loss, because we all know what happened. I’m not going to write about our inability to keep a winning streak alive, because we must savor every victory that we can get. I’m not going to write about Willie Randolph or rumors of his termination; I will say that a former Mets manager is in Japan, and he may need to be brought back.

I will give kudos to Billy Wagner; besides from Moises Alou’s frustration with the strike zone and subsequent ejection, he is the only one who has publicly declared frustration. A lot of people think Jose Reyes was stupid for trying to take two bases on a sacrifice bunt. But, if he didn’t think he could make it, would he have gone for it? Who can blame him for wanting to support Pelfrey?

The Mets haven’t given me much to smile about these days. They downright depressed me yesterday. However, it is still only May. We’re not out until it is mathematically impossible for us to win the division. Omar Minaya and the Wilpons have put an amazin’ team on the field. I continue to hold my head up high because I truly believe in miracles and the Mets will bounce back.

As the great Robin Ventura once said: "Mets fans are born, not made." Lets show those Bronx Bombers what it really means to be a Mets fan. 

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