Your Home Opener Has Come

I sit here thinking I felt this way last September and, for some reason, I can’t do anything but watch in disgust. Am I worried? No. Absolutely not. Are there people who are about to be suicidal? Absolutely. I don’t blame them either.

My mother and father said something that’ll stick with me for the whole season. It may not mean a whole lot to you guys, but it means something to me. They told me that it’s better that they lose early now, and win more and more down the road. Now, I know I want them to win now as well as in September when it means the most, but as long as they get the losing-bug out of their system now, I guess it’s fine.

So, what is wrong with this team? Timely hitting, fielding, and pitching. Pretty much everything when it matters. Someone has to step up in the clubhouse and say something. I said that last year, and I’ll say it this year again. I really don’t think they’re actually putting their ALL out there.

Just a few things that off the top of my head:

  • Jose Reyes still has a batting average below .240. Care to explain how or why? He needs to hit the ball on the ground or on a line, not in the air. He is NOT a home run hitter, but he keeps thinking he is one, or at least, swinging like one.
  • Luis Castillo can’t hit a lick when it matters the most either.
  • Carlos Delgado is actually having a good April. He surprises me the most out of everyone in the lineup.
  • Angel Pagan has finally came down to Earth, well kind of.
  • Scott Schoeasoidjlewkrmewkmweis still sucks.
  • Aaron Heilman officially scares me more than Billy the Kid.
  • Oliver Perez is a nasty pitcher.
  • Willie Randolph is not a strict manager in the clubhouse, and if I were him, I’d start to do something about that right now. 
  • Mike Pelfrey needs to save us from disaster. Ha!

That’s all I have at the moment. Just thinking about the Mets lately makes me want to punch a wall. I’m more ticked off than worried right now. If this was August 08, and the Mets were playing like this, I’d be worried. But since it’s April, I’m just very pissed. I’m sure many of you Mets diehards are willing to go jump off a ledge.

Rest assured that with all the downs there will be ups. It wouldn’t be baseball season without the roller coaster rides. Before the week ends, I’m sure something good will happen, perhaps a win or two, or possibly even three or four. Just stay calm and wait.

Negatives outweighed the positives, clearly on Opening Day. However, I really feel like something will change this week. Hopefully Pelfrey steps up. Maybe he’ll shut up critics and pitch a gem, or maybe the offense will wake up against Kendrick, or maybe the Mets will play outstanding defense. Something. Anything. I just want to see the Mets win again. I know I’m sounding like a Barack Obama speech with all this talk of "hope", but hopefully it will ring true, right? 

I’ll be back on Saturday with a new segment called, "Mets Prospect of the Week". It’s kind of a spin-off of my blog last year (Minor League Roundup). Keep it tuned here Mets fan!

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