The Final Curtain on the Mets

I know it’s not my night, but since we have been rained out, what the heck…

What is the problem? So Delgado didn’t give us a curtain call after his second homerun in yesterday’s win against the Braves. Boo-hoo. I mean a curtain call is nice and all, but there is no right or wrong time to do it. A player doesn’t have to do it. The fact that we are wasting time discussing Delgado’s curtain call (or lack of) at all instead of just being thankful for a great game, is so hypocritical. We booed him because he wasn’t performing. Then he performs, and we boo him for no curtain call. There’s no pleasing us.

I know it’s New York and we expect the best. I know that players are getting paid loads to be number one. And believe me, I am neither agreeing with nor opposing Delgado’s actions. But players and fans alike need to understand something. Die-hard fans have an emotional involvement and attachment to their team. When we boo a player, we are not making any personal attacks on him. Usually, it’s not because we don’t like the person. We really just want to light a firecracker under him to get him going, and basically just let him know that we are disappointed in him and his current play. We have a right and an obligation to do that. And we hope that he will become disappointed enough in himself to snap out of it.

Similarly, when a player does well, we want to celebrate with him and let him know how thankful we are that he is here helping us win! Whether or not Delgado or any other player gives us a curtain call doesn’t change the outcome of the game, the series or the season. However, the fans who haven’t booed him and have no intentions of booing anyone when they are struggling, deserve the curtain call. It’s not fair to them. And those who have taken the booing to the extreme have ruined it for the rest of us. A “boo” here and a “boo” there is tolerable. But we are just going “boo” crazy. Maybe this Mets team feels betrayed by the fans and that’s why they are so unresponsive. How does that make Mets fans look to other baseball fans around the Majors? It’s time to end it already.

And what is this crap that David Wright told Delgado not to go out there? Come on people, do you really believe that the biggest leader on this team would intentionally give another player poor advice? And even if he did, it was ultimately Delgado’s choice, and no one else is to blame. Wright, as short-lived as his career may be, knows New York and is far more mature than that. If any advice was given, it was to in-fact go out there. What difference does it make to Wright if Delgado gives a curtain call or not? I believe that they were actually discussing the at-bat, because that’s the kind of player Wright is. By the way, I am not just saying this because Wright happens to be my favorite. I am saying it because I truly believe this is the case.