The Braves Can’t Wipe This Smile From My Face

Consistency, the mark of a true champion..


Winning teams throughout the history of sports more often than not are found to be models of consistency. The timely base hit, homerun or RBI, even clutch play from a quarterback as time expires to lead their teams to victory, snatching it from the jaws of defeat. I myself have always like things in my life to remain consistent. For example, if I could wake up every morning with that special someone, enjoy a nice bowl of Cocoa Pebbles with ice cold milk before leaving for my job as a gopher for Omar Minaya, my life would be CONSISTENTLY GREAT. As it stands, today is Monday, most people’s least favorite day of the week, especially mine. None of the above things mentioned have happened for me today and on top of no Cocoa Pebbles… the Mets lost.


On the bright side though, Johan Santana continues to be a model of consistency for our beloved Amazins’, pitching 7 decent innings, only giving up 1 run before our consistent, game blowing reliever Aaron Heilman came in and handed the game to Atlanta. Not that I’m conceding anything to the Braves or anyone else, but if this is a sign of how the summer is gonna go then we are in for a lot of Pepto Bismol and Tylenol laden nights.


Enough whining, here’s a few thoughts on some related happenings from the wide world of MLB…


13 year old girl Alexa Rodriguez was treated and released from a local hospital after being attacked by a red-tail hawk during a school tour of Fenway Park. No word on whether or not Jason Varitek and Curt Schilling will seek a refund from the animals’ trainer.


Speaking of A-Rod, former Rangers teammate and resident big mouth Jose Canseco is still making his book signing rounds in which he writes that A-Rod had asked him where to get steroids. To top it off, Jose has also accused A-Rod of sleeping with his then wife Jessica. This is turning out to be one huge, unfunny soap opera. Wake me up when Canseco goes away.


Maybe this Monday doesn’t have to be so bad in spite of things. I think I’ll go get me some Cocoa Pebbles and watch this great parody of “Alien”, used in a promo for “Family Guy”. It always makes me crack up! Enjoy!


Hope you all have a great day! (That’s y’all to the folks down south and here in Alabama!)

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