Same Old Song and Dance?

When Angel Pagan hit the game winning single in the bottom of the 12th inning yesterday, it marked the first time I was excited for the Mets, and I mean really excited for the Mets, since Johan Santana opened up the season in Miami. Really though, the Mets were playing Triple-A players and Hanley Ramirez at best. The true tests, Atlanta and Philadelpia came and went. The Mets went 2-3 in those five games. The Mets have a 4-4 record within their own division right now and will be facing their first opponents outside the division tonight.

Last season, outside the division, the Mets went 53-37 while going 35-37 within the NL East. I’m going to go all ESPN and say it: had the Mets gone 36-36 in the division, The Collaspe would have never happened. As if we haven’t heard it enough already.

Maybe yesterday’s victory was just what the doctor ordered. It felt good to see Jose Reyes smile and get all excited after being called safe. It felt good to know that yes, the Mets can get a big hit when they need it. And even though Jose Reyes and David Wright are only batting a .222 and .233 respectively, I’m gonna make my Willie statement and say that they’re gonna come out of it. One call in the Mets favor could turn this month around, and I believe that last night’s call was it.

When Nelson Figueroa steps on the mound tonight (and I’m really glad they gave this guy a chance), the Mets will hopefully have the confidence, the defense, the pitching, and most importantly, the offense they need to destroy Milwaukee and keep Prince Fielder’s home run count at 0. It’s not the same old story with these guys, as ESPN seems to think; we’re in a new season with a new outlook and the Mets are finally ready to prove their worth (the same can’t be said for the Tigers).


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