Mets Home Opener Not All That

How about a little fan poll to get the ball rolling today? 

Ok, which of the following best describes the 2008 Mets Home Opener?

A.  a total disappointment

B.  a nightmare on Roosevelt Ave

C.  an embarrassment beyond belief

D.  a belated April Fool’s joke

E.  all of the above

If you said E, you win – unlike the Mets. 

Like many others, I had to work yesterday and could not watch the game nor the pre-game festivities live.  I did however record it all, or should I say, I DVR’ed it.  (Who really uses VCRs anymore?)  Throughout the day, the only contact I had with the baseball world was (I finally have internet access at work!) 

When I returned from lunch, I knew that we were up 2-zip. Great!  Delgado may be coming out of it.  Things are looking good. Then I receive an update from a co-worker (who obviously had more time on their hands than I did) that we were losing 5-2.  What??  They did know they were playing the Phillies, right? This team picked up right where they left off in 2007.  I just don’t understand it.  They played a great pre-season.  They seemed to once again be ignited the way they were in 2006. They played a great game to start the season in Florida.  They clobbered the Marlins 13-0 in that series as well.  And then…oh, never mind.  On to more pleasant things. 

When I got home from work, the first thing I did was turn on the tv. I watched the Capital One pre-game show and really loved all the pieces they did on Shea and it’s history.  I’ll admit, tears rolled down my face.  A rush of all the wonderful memories I have had there came back to me.  There I sat, 31 years old, crying over a ballpark. I was fascinated to learn something new.  Bill Shea was having a tough time bringing National League baseball back to New York. He ended up threatening, if you will, Major League Baseball into starting another league – the Continental League, which would include teams from New York, as well as other major cities that did not already have a National League team at that time. It ended up that MLB approved the original expansion request, and along came the New York Metropolitans!

In addition, something that was not mentioned yesterday – the Mets got their colors from two former New York baseball teams – the blue from the Brooklyn Dodgers and the Orange from the New York Giants.  

It was especially touching to see the Mets retire their first non-numerical jersey – “SHEA”. Unfortunately, they couldn’t even win their last home opener at Shea.