Mets Fans Have Destroyed Their Homefield Advantage

Yes, it’s true and it pains me to say it. We have created such a feeling of hostility in our own home park that it has permeated into the minds of the players and turned our Mets fan base into a laughing stock throughout all of sports.

We have made it a burden for the Mets to relax at the plate because of the unrealistic expectations we have for each player. It has become as though the weight of the world rests upon the shoulders of each and every player and I’m not just talking about those players who happen to be in a slump.

What my biggest fear is that someday beloved players such as David Wright and Jose Reyes will one day leave for the serenity and calm of a team like the San Diego Padres or Arizona Diamondbacks. If and when that happens we will have nobody to blame but ourselves.

When the Brooklyn Dodgers left us starving for National League baseball, we were left with a giant hole in our hearts. The Mets filled that heart with joy and it didn’t matter how bad they were, we loved them.

In 1969 they rewarded that love and loyalty with a World Series trophy that we could all be proud of. Since then the team has had their ups and downs like any other team, but their love affair with their fans was a thing to marvel at.

Those days are now gone because of an impatient society that has been fueled by sports reporters and beat writers who couldn’t care less, a sports talk radio show that revels in the failures of the team and it’s players, a team sponsored network that is disconnected from the team, and a blogosphere that has gone out of control with negativity and the fascination with the power it yields irresponsibly.

It’s a cocktail for disaster and the New York Mets are unfairly swept inside it.

The most unfortunate part is that all those things I mention are not representative of the majority of undying loyalists to the team like myself. The majority of Mets fans are the most supportive fans on earth, but their voices simply are not loud enough to drown out the mindless utterings and negative rantings of the aforementioned.

For the majority of Mets fans it’s a travesty… a travesty that is perpetuated each day with the constant barrage of sensationalizing each and every player’s misstep or dissecting and over analyzing every players quote. It’s not only sad, but disgusting as well.

Everyone is smart enough to realize that for some reason mostly all Mets players hit better on the road, yet they are too naive to see that we are the cause of it. They hit better on the road because that is where they are most relaxed and most comfortable. A homestand has become a great, giant burden for them.

How can we possibly win anything, when we’ve taken away our team’s home field advantage?

How can we hold players responsible for failing to produce in the hostile environment we created?

We have let renegade bloggers and writers warp our good sense. We have let what were supposed to be the radio and cable home of the Mets destroy the fabric of our loyalties and convictions. We have become unique in the sports world for this utter monstrosity.

Shame on us… 

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