Mets Fans Are the Most Passionate and Expressive Fans in Baseball

Add to that knowledgeable, loyal, indiscriminate, relentless, forgiving, unforgiving, manic and obsessive… fill in the rest.


We can be found all over the country and in every corner of the world. Every now and then I enjoy looking at our site statistics and marvel at the places some of our readers come from. Just this week we hailed visitors from Dubai, Iraq, Australia, South Africa, Netherlands and even the Philippines.

The reasons that led us to becoming Mets fans are as varied as the number of flavors in a Baskin Robbins. For some of the old timers it may have been the humble beginnings of the lovable losers in 1962, while for that way out seventies bunch it could have been the triumphs of Tom Terrific. As for myself, it was Dr. K and HoJo.

Our passion and the differences between each other are historic and plain to see on Mets sites and forums throughout the blogosphere. We love to debate the issues and often resort to heated arguments among each other on topics that can only be described as miniscule and benign to other baseball fans. We are a driven group with one goal but millions of roads to achieve that elusive prize which we have only tasted twice in our history.

We are the most expressive fans on the net. While we are only one of 30 teams in the MLB, we dominate the blogosphere like no other. Over a dozen of the top 100 MLB fan sites are dedicated to our storied franchise. We fret after each loss because our history compels us to. We exalt after each victory because we are a hopeful bunch. Our opinions on the game itself are widespread and there for everyone to read.

Just this past week, over 100 different posts appeared announcing that David Wright was going to appear on David Letterman, while in stark contrast less than 20 posts appeared on Derek Jeter’s strained groin or the Detroit Tiger’s abysmal start.

Mets fans are the "original" loudmouths. Shame on SNY for not pitting two diehard Met fans against each other in their new show and let them debate the issues, rather than two guys who have no Mets roots or loyalty. Last time I checked, SNY was still the Mets network, right?

Our Mets blog rolls are longer and feature more Mets fan sites than any other baseball team, and each week a new Mets Fan site is born. In the last three years, Mets Merized has published the opinions of 62 different Mets fans and writers. That completely amazes me. Each one of them had their supporters and their detractors. Our opinions were so varied that for the 2006 and 2007 seasons our motto was the “Fair and Balanced Mets Network.” This year we dropped that motto in favor of a new one, but you get the idea.

If it’s one thing all Mets fans can agree on, it is that we can’t agree on anything. And that’s the way we like it.

But make no mistake… Our goal is one and the the same…

To bring home that shiny gold trophy with all the little flags on it… Or to pitch our first no-hitter… Or to see a Met win an MVP award… Or…

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