Keith Hernandez – Legend

You’re probably thinking, why legend? Let’s face it, Keith Hernandez is the king of comedy with it comes to color commentary. There’s something about his informations or antics that make the game even better. No offense to Ron Darling, but every pre-game show I just can’t wait to see who’s sitting next to Gary. Just to display how great this man is, I prepared a short list on what he says in the booth that makes me crack a smile:

  • He calls Gary Cohen, "Gaer" as in, "I noticed something about Delgado’s swing Gaer."
  • Keith loves to talk about footwear, especially Crocs, or lack of them.
  • Mex loves to talk about his Tootsie Roll Pops, usually in a bin or in his mouth.
  • Keith seems to point out every ad-placements as possible.
  • The Coors Freeze seems to amaze him more than anything
  • New SNY camera angles also seem to astonish him as he’s always caught saying, "Great angle guys."
  • He seems to like color too, as he’s always talking about the colored highlighters for his scorecard.
  • I keep noticing that Keith makes fun of Kevin Burkhardt so much, especially around other fans and stuff.
  • ..and to top it all off, Keith just loves to talk about the Cardinals and about events during his time there. He also loves to talk about the Cardinals Minor League system and his time there too. Hello Tulsa.

That’s not all of them, but yeah, those are the great ones that pop into my head. He has such great chemistry with Gary and he gets extremely entertaining during a blow-out or an extra inning game. His spontaneous jokes are just great and I firmly believe he loves his job way too much.

With fun comes controversy. Of course you all remember the incident with the comment toward women being in the dugout and how he states that a woman should not be in the dugout. Comment aside, he brushed it off and continued to be as random as a commentator can be, and everyone enjoys it.

I may be a bit biased, but I truly think that the team of Cohen, Hernandez, and Darling is easily the best broadcasting team in the business right now. Cohen’s perfect play-by-play, Darling’s in-depth analysis, and Keith’s speech about how he hates the head-first slide just fits every position. Keith’s great, and he knows he great.

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