Just Another Manic Monday…

Happy Monday… kind of an oxymoron if you ask me. Right up there with “Smart Jock” and “Classy Phillies”.


It has been a rough week for our beloved Mets, which in turn makes it a worse week for fans. Hopefully starting Tuesday night against the “Gnats”, things will finally turn around. It’s a good thing for the Mets that the rest of the NL East is playing like garbage, they have a good chance at getting back in first place where they belong.


At least the Mets aren’t getting another dose of Ben Sheets tomorrow, but rather Odalis Perez who brings a 4.91 ERA in 14.2 innings pitched to the mound. I think what the Mets need (myself included) would be a nice offensive explosion to get things fired up again.


Many people are already wondering if Willie Randolph’s head will roll should the Mets remain stagnant. My personal opinion is that no matter what, Willie deserves to finish out the season. Then and only then should the Mets pass judgement. A full year at the helm gives him plenty of opportunity to right the ship from last year. Hopefully he does and we can all move on and 2007 will be just a bad memory.


Perusing through the internet, I found this little gem by Ryan Parker. It’s a song that celebrates the history and the future hope of the New York Mets. Nothing like a little nostalgia to help you feel better. I hope everyone likes it, and have a great night!



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