It’s Time For Your Friday Fix – Instant Replay: Yes or No

Finally, Friday has arrived! The pinnacle of the week in my eyes in that it’s just close enough to the weekend to start getting excited. I didn’t have anything really specific to write about today, so I figured I would make a blog “gumbo” of sorts, and write about many.

First up, the Mets 13-0 thrashing of the “Fishies” the other night in Florida was awesome.  I cannot explain how good it felt to see Ollie pitch like that and the Mets bring runs across like they were going out of style. Ryan Church even hit a homerun off of a lefty! I’m hoping that is a sign of things to come and not a freak occurrence.

I’m proud of the way the Mets are going about business, even in the face of losing Pedro once again. David Wright said this about it,

"As players, we don’t have the luxury of sitting around watching and wondering what if," he said. "We’ve got to go out and get the job done, regardless of who isn’t there. While Pedro is down, teams are coming after us. We’ve got to be ready."

You gotta love this guy. He is shooting up the ladder on my list of favorite Mets.. I think Johan Santana has a lot to do with the confidence in that clubhouse.

The only blemish on the night was Carlos Beltran narrowly missing a homerun after it was overruled by umpires furthest away from the ball. Carlos suggested that he would be for replay in situations like that. I’m not totally sold on that idea. What do you guys think and how might you go about it?

Speaking of the Great Santana, baseball writer, Tom Verducci has picked him to be the National League Cy Young Award winner for 2008. This is what he had to say,” New York. Big park, National League, good team, good offense, durable pitcher … it’s just too easy a pick to pass up.

I personally couldn’t agree more. For a complete list of his predictions here is the link.

Found a funny website called that cracked me up. I know there are a lot of people that can’t stand the guy so if that’s you then this site is for you. This is the current quote from McCarver posted on the site,

"If you leadoff and you play every day, you’re guaranteed to bat with the bases empty at least 162 times." – July 8th, 2006

I can’t believe someone who makes what he does broadcasting ballgames would say something so idiotic. Pure stupidity, just sad.

Lastly, for laughs here is a You Tube link of the Reds Bronson Arroyo doing a car commercial. I’m pretty sure that what he said was not in the script. (Warning: Expletive relating to fecal matter used!) Enter if you dare.

That’s all from me today folks. Have a great day and I hope to see ya around. Let’s Go Mets!

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