If At First You Don’t Succeed… You Must Be Carlos Delgado

They say that money can’t buy happiness, but in the case of Carlos Delgado it’s even worse than that. The $16 million dollars he is being paid, actually $20 million with the option included, makes Carlos Delgado the highest paid player on the New York Mets and first base overall. Yes, even more than Albert Pujols! And yet, for Delgado the enormity of that contract has become his own personal cross to bear. He carries it on his back with every single at bat and on every singe play at first base.

Today Joel Sherman of the NY Post takes his shot at Delgado with some biting remarks.

The Mets cannot pretend what is going on with Delgado is a blip, because blips don’t last a year and a month. There was always a rate of exchange with Delgado – accept the poor defense get 35 homers and 110 RBIs. But the defense is worse than ever, and the offense would be unacceptable for a middle infielder in 1968. 

What he says is true. This slump dates back too long to call it a slump. It is a certain decline that 80% of 36-year olds go through unless they are on steroids…

It is hard to imagine the Mets offense ever taking off if Delgado continues on this path: one homer, nine RBIs and a .555 OPS, the second worst among 28 qualifying first basemen (Pittsburgh’s Adam LaRoche is at .429). At this point, Delgado’s 24 homers and .781 OPS that so appalled the organization and Mets fans last year would be a godsend.

I’d take last seasons numbers in a heartbeat!

Nevertheless, with Delgado two months shy of his 36th birthday, we should expect regression rather than rebound. That the Mets did not protect themselves for this contingency off of Delgado’s plummeting 2007 is a real blemish for Omar Minaya. Nobody on the roster is a full-time answer.

I wouldn’t say it was a real blemish for Omar, maybe just one of those mornings when you wake up with a pimple on the day of your big date… a $20 million dollar pimple.

Mike Carp is tearing up Double-A. But three scouts said the 21-year-old lefty thumper said is not ready for the majors. "I like him," one scout said. "But he is a level-to-level guy who is going to have to do Triple-A, as well, because he has a lot still to learn."  

They should promote him to AAA already!

There will not be a happy ending where Carlos Delgado is concerned. He got a free pass last season, but so far this season he has become the poster boy for all of the Mets failures. He is fast becoming as big of negative impact as Guillermo Mota was in 2007.

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