The “Wright” Choice in 2008…

I hardly ever get mixed up in politics.


I find it at best to be boring and headache inducing, not to mention listening to divisive politicians who rarely have the best interests of the people at heart. So when I mention it, I try to be as light hearted as possible considering the sensitive nature of the subject.


That being said, I thought I would mix up this 3 horse race (Obama, Clinton & McCain) with my own candidate…Mr. David Wright.


If ever there was a candidate that always said the right thing and was less divisive, I have never heard of him. Just think of the possibilities!


Here is a short list of several changes I think President-elect Wright should make if voted in:

  • Tom Seavers’ birthday would be made a national holiday.
  • Mr. Met would be named Secretary of Defense and the new strategy in Iraq would be to fire as many Phillies and Yankees t-shirts at insurgents as possible, making them sick to their stomachs and causing an immediate cease fire.
  • Citifield would become the Wright administrations “Camp David”.
  • The White House would immediately become “The Wright House” and be redecorated in orange and blue décor…including the rose garden to the same colors.

Anyway, as you can see the possibilities are endless! Now if D-Wright was 10 years older and the Mets didn’t need him so much this could be a reality. Who knows?


All kidding aside, things are looking pretty good for the Mets as they head to Miami to open the season against the “Fishies”. I know there are some worries such as who will complement Church in RF, who our 5th starter will be and if Delgado will return to form, but I am confident that Omar can and will do what he can to fix problems that may arise. Sure we could get into all the different names but then it would feel like Hot Stove season all over again where speculation runs rampant from cabin fever, but I’ll pass on that.


I can’t speak for everyone obviously, but I can’t wait for the Mets season to start. We have to feel pretty good about our chances to win this thing but it’s gonna be a battle!

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