Opening Day…Well, They’re Not Exactly Jitters

The Mets have not decided on a fifth starter this far into Spring Training. They’re saying Jorge Sosa may get the job, with both Brian Stokes and Joe Smith able to prove themselves worthy of the bullpen. Both Mike Pelfrey and El Duque aren’t ready to start, but I think Pelfrey will be ready before El Duque. I hope they at least give Nelson Figueroa a spot in the bullpen. He has performed consistently throughout Spring Training and really fits in with the Mets mold of Latino superstars.

The Mets are starting their season without Moises Alou, which everybody expected to happen…okay, maybe everyone except Omar. Angel Pagan will most likely get the starting job, proving himself worthy on Day One. He has showed us that getting him back from the Cubs was absolutely worth it. Moises said he hopes to be back sometime in April. I wouldn’t rush Moises if I were Willie. I’d rather have him hurt now, when it doesn’t really matter, than in September, when we really need everybody to be in their A-game.

The Mets may also need a back-up catcher because Ramon Castro may be out with a strained hamstring. Raul Casanova is most likely to get that job, if needed. Despite being in a bunch where Omar signed or aquired five catchers, Casanova has stood out the most.

And most importantly, Johan Santana has proven to be the ace we so desperately needed. Okay, so he kinda stunk in the beginning against St. Louis, but the Mets kinda stunk against the Cards to begin with. What’s the deal with that? And every Mets fan (and every baseball fan for that matter) is counting down until Monday, when Santana makes his official Mets debut against the Marlins.

Despite the problems and vacancies being thrown our way, Omar not only made the big move, but he made the little moves as well. In our frustration, we may have questioned the small moves, like getting Pagan, Casanova, Stokes, and even Schnieder and Church (instead of using Milledge in a bigger deal). But once again, Omar has given us a group of talented players. I feel good about the Mets on Opening Day….and it’s not just because they’re playing the Marlins; they have the stuff to be a dominant force for the whole season and beyond.

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