Thursday Ramblings

It has been a pretty good week for New York sports. First the Giants knock off the Patriots and win the Super Bowl, then Mets fans off season dreams became a reality with the introduction of Johan Santana. Forgive my childlike enthusiasm, but off season press conferences are kind of like Christmas morning…except they don’t come every year. I love how media and fans alike get all worked up and the owners, GM and agents all put on smiley faces for a few hours. I myself could feel a grin from ear to ear when Johan slipped on that orange and blue #57. I only hope that Christmas lasts until October this year.

Did anyone see the irony of the "Final Season at Shea" patch on Johans’ jersey becoming clearly visible when he held it up with Jeff Wilpon? Ok, maybe I’m reading too much into it, but we all know that Johans’ signing is clearly tied into the Mets new ballpark. Johan is going to be ushering in not only the last season at Shea, but probably the next six at Citi Field. I guess I’m kind of looking at Johan as a bridge, one that helps us escape the mess of 2007 and leads us into a bright future.

I also thought it was really cool for David Wright to be there yesterday. I can see it now,” The Cy Young Winner and the MVP”. Sounds nice doesn’t it? It would be even better if we can add “World Series Champions” to that though.

I’m not certain what Willie is thinking in regards to who will be starting on opening day, but you have to wonder with Pedros’ ego if he will be able to handle being a #2 guy in the rotation.  Johan was quoted as saying yesterday, "They want me to be No. 1, a No. 5, I’ll do it," he said. "It’s good to have choices. I’ll do what they want to me to do. I’m looking forward to a great season and to a great era of Mets baseball."

So it obviously doesn’t matter to him, he gets paid either way! I just worry given Pedros’ last sour relationship with another #1 guy, Curt Schilling. Although Schilling is reportedly a jerk, so maybe I shouldn’t worry.

I have to throw this in. Anyone else find it Bill Clinton/Lewinsky-esque with Brian McNamee keeping syringes and stuff from injecting Roidger Clemens? I can’t imagine why people would do such a thing. If it’s true, old Roidger has some ‘splaining to do! Hope you guys have a great day, don’t work too hard Met- heads!

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